5 Disney Princesses Inspired Look
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5 Disney Princesses Inspired Look

For today I let myself be inspired by the back-to-school theme we’re seeing everywhere this time of year, and revamped this 5 Disney princesses inspired look!

Because, look:

Why wouldn’t we let ourselves be inspired by our childhood cartoons? Why would we not fawn over the beauty of their leading ladies, and by the grace and details of their garments? Just because we’re adults now? Nonsense.

From fiery locks, to delicate makeup and a flowery hairdo, can you guess each princess before I reveal them? And what do you think of the look- would you wear it? I would totally redo it for a start-of-the-fall-season party.

And of course, let me know if I got any of your favorite princesses in my look! Thanks for watching, I hope this video woke up your best childhood memories. Have a fabulous time until next weekend xoxo!

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5 Disney Princesses Inspired Look for back to school


  • Heather

    Absolutely lovely! It would have been great to see the looks in more detail with some photos and perhaps get a list of everything you used in each one. I really like the way you’ve put the video together but it doesn’t really give the viewer much of a chance to look at all the details very well. I don’t mean that to sound critical, I’m just really curious to see and know the details 😀

    Do you have plans to do any more?

    • mystyle5

      Cheers, Heather! Absolutely not taking it as criticism, it’s also good for me to know which parts need some extra focusing on. Actually, the products that I used are all in the Youtube video description- but the description is indeed visible only if you view the video on Youtube directly. Thanks so much for the feedback, I’m definitely planning to do more videos like this one- on different subjects of course.

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