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Mignonnes & Midis! 5 Clever Ways to Own Midi Lengths if You’re Petite

If you ask me, there’s no better season to play out our sartorial fantasies than autumn. Between houndstooth jackets, buttery soft caramel totes, knee high boots and feathery soft scarves, autumn is a fashion lover’s dream.

And the stars of this dream?

To me, they have to be midi length dresses and skirts.

Now the midi length also happens to be having a fashion moment at the time. But I have to say it’s not necessarily the easiest to wear, especially if you are petite.

Midi lengths have a talent for visually shortening and widening the wearer- which is something you may not care about. But for those of you who do,ย I have 5 clever ways to own midi lengths if you’re petite!*

5 Clever Ways to Own Midi Lengths if You're Petite

Find your middle ground

Midi lengths are generally considered to be ones reaching from your knee to your mid calf. The length that will make you look your best will depend on your proportions- including your height.

Just keep in mind:

Wherever the hemline of your skirt/ dress/ trousers stops, that’s where the eye will naturally stop. So depending on the shape and length of your legs, you can choose to highlight a specific area that you like most.

5 Clever Ways to Own Midi Lengths if You're Petite

I find that the most flattering length in my case is the one that hits a bit below the knee. That is where the leg naturally tapers between the thigh and the calf. Which means that by letting that specific area peak from underneath a hemline, my leg will look longer and leaner.

Pretty simple, right?

Go for monochrome

If you’re looking to counteract a midi dress’ plumping effect, a monochrome look will serve you well. Choosing pieces in one colour (or more realistically, one colour family) will have a lengthening effect.

Black is always a chic choice, but for autumn Iย  also look towards burgundy, navy, emerald green, mustard or grays.

burgundy dress caramel bag

And the easiest way to build a monochromatic look?

Why, with the help of a dress, of course! Dresses are my favorite item of clothing, by far- they’re easy to wear and make you look like you put way more effort into your look than you did.

So then you have more time to be lazy in the morning- cozy maple lattes in bed, anyone?

5 Clever Ways to Own Midi Lengths if You're Petite

And an A+ for choosing an A-line dress! They look flattering on all body types, and add a plus of height visually. Chuck it all up to the fitted bodice with the higher waistline, and the flared skirt.

Elevate that waist!

And speaking of that higher waistline, this is a tried and true method to look taller. Raising the waistline a bit will change your proportions and make your legs look longer.

However, even if you don’t opt for a higher waistline, do consider cinching your natural waist. I think it’s quite important for petite women, as otherwise a midi length can drown your frame.

A few easy ways to do this are: tucking your top into your skirt or trousers,ย  choosing a peplum top,ย adding a belt over your dress or opting for a wrap dress to begin with.

high waistline for longer legs

Nude pumps for endless pins

Another way to really lengthen your legs- and something I personally always take into consideration- is with your shoes. Seeing as a midi dress or skirt will hit well above your ankle, a pair of nude pumps will extend the continuous line of your legs.

5 Clever Ways to Own Midi Lengths if You're Petite

Of course, you can opt for nude flats, moccasins or oxfords. The pumps will just add a plus of height thanks to the heels- and a more classically feminine, charming air.

5 Clever Ways to Own Midi Lengths if You're Petite

A V-neck for a swanlike neck

Mignonnes may also want to elongate their upper half, in order to lengthen the whole silhouette. For this, a V-neckline will be best, as it opens up your face, neck and decolletage area.

And don’t worry, you don’t need to go the super revealing route. You can keep the neckline as demure as you like- the result will be the same.

5 Clever Ways to Own Midi Lengths if You're Petite

If you choose a top or bodice with vertical details (like the buttons on my dress here), the effect will be even further amplified. This is a great tip also for those of you carrying the majority of your weight in your upper body. Try it out and let me know what you think!

If you got so far, thank you for reading! I hope this article helped you see midi lengths for what they are: elegant, stylish wardrobe additions. And definitely something that can be mastered, regardless of height or weight.

Let me know in the comments if you’re a midi length lover too- mini sized or otherwise!


*Article also applicable to those of you of proper adult size, of course ๐Ÿ™‚

Pics by:ย Natalia Bylok

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