5 Christmas Outfits For All The Festive Occasions Ahead

With the season’s festivities well and truly on the way, I think we’re all feeling the joy of celebrating with our loved ones. But between meeting up with friends, rounding up your colleagues for a final hot cider, and prepping for the family reunion, there are countless Christmas outfits that need to be planned. (5) (1).jpg

And let’s face it, we’d all rather focus on what’s truly important during the winter holidays, and spend as little time as possible stressing about which outfits to pack, and which looks to don.

At the same time, I think we all like to shine and sparkle just a tad bit more around this time of the year. Which is why I put together today’s video: 5 different Christmas outfits for 5 different festive occasions you’re likely to take part in the next couple of weeks.

Hope you enjoy watching it, and that it helps with some much needed last minute ideas!

The Friends Hosting

One of my favorite parts of this whole “adulting” thing is having my friends over for dinner. And if you’re already planning your Christmas friends feast, I bet the champagne is already chilling, and all you need now is the perfect outfit for the hostess with the mostest.

I think tartan is one of the best fabrics for winter holidays, making this dress the perfect mix of festive and polished. If you’re prone to getting cold quite quickly (I know I am), you can always layer an equally elegant shirt or blouse underneath it. It will serve as good color contrast as well.

And a word to the wise here, just be cautious about ones with billowing sleeves if you know your table will be full of food and lit candles!


I finished the outfit off with a pair of black tights with barely-there ribs, and my pair of patent leather Mary-Jane. For the after dinner dancing, of course!

The Family Dinner

For those of us fortunate enough to be close to our families, or at least go home for the holidays, there’s bound to be a big family dinner. And for an occasion when you want to glow rather than sparkle, this outfit makes a perfect fit.


I went with one of my favorites here: a traditional Romanian blouse, over 100 years old. It’s a piece I love giving new life to in the present, and especially at times when I need to feel my home heritage closer.


Since the top is already quite striking, a neutral skirt and booties complement it without distracting attention. But make no mistake, this skirt has golden shimmer throughout, taking it a notch closer to Christmas attire status.

And if you want a little cherry on top, you can always cinch your waist in a wide belt, which makes the whole look more cohesive and stylish. Just make sure it’s easy to slip off after the second slice of grandma’s moreish Christmas cake!

The Romantic Date

Sometimes, a Christmas do means just me and you! If your idea of the best celebration involves you, your partner and your favorite restaurant, then this outfit might be just what you’re looking for.


An ultra-flattering dress, this midnight velvet number will help make you look (and feel) like the belle of the ball. Details such as the lace inserts and the faux-wrap in front make it even more classically feminine, while the length lends it to some seriously seductive tights.


Enter these black Wolford babies with their lines of pearls running down the back of your calves. They will absolutely catch your special other’s eye as you sashay to order a couple of Mistletoe Martinis at the bar. And if you want to maintain the accessories in the pearly registry, a pair of dangly earrings can complete the look perfectly.


My ideal finish to this look was a pair of black, patent leather pumps- but feel free to switch to booties if it’s already crisp and snowy outside!

The Glam Affair

Some of you will have more formal events to attend during this time of the year. And if you want to truly shine, this next outfit is just for you!


I absolutely love a two-piece look for special occasions, particularly because it’s not being done very often. An elegant skirt or luxurious pair of trousers combined with a beautiful top is a rare sight at events. But that’s all about to change!


For this look here I paired circle skirt with a flowy blouse. What makes it stand out is the unusual length of the skirt (between maxi and midi), and the embellished top. The belt defines my waist very nicely, which I also love, and I was able to slip the top right in the waistband, letting it billow on top.

And speaking of the top, since it is already embroidered, I only added a couple of stacked rings in the accessories department, and swiped on a dark burgundy lipstick.


Pop on your favorite pair of heels, and you are good to go for a fabulous night! I’ll be donning this for the Nutcracker this week.

The Work Festivities

This time of the year, there are all sorts of festive moments to be shared with colleagues. Between the office Christmas party, the Secret-Santa over mulled wine and dancing, or the last dinner&drinks before everyone goes on holidays, there’s bound to be an occasion for a full-on party look!


And this look right here is all party, no holds barred! From the ruby velvet dress to the patterned stockings, and high heels, it will get you noticed.

So I will caution you right here that it might not be the best choice for very official events. But it’s just perfect in more creative environments (which luckily was the case for me as well) or for outings when you can let your hair down.

ezgif-7-7d7e3ee78356 (1).gif

And speaking of hair, since the outfit is already quite a dazzler, I decided to leave my hair plain, with just  a deep parting, and instead count on a statement lip. Easy-peasy!

You could also opt to leave out the black tulle top that I’ve layered here underneath the dress, but I personally thought that:

A) The contrast in texture will add another interesting visual element


B) I will take any extra thermal comfort I can!

Thanks again for watching! I wish you a magical holiday season, and a wonderful New Year all!

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